Habersham Wax Pottery

7" candle is $26.99

Every Wax Pottery bowl is a one of a kind. They are individually hand made by skilled artisans in the U.S.A. Only made with the finest waxes and fragrances.

We use a specialty wax formulation designed to release fragrance without the need of a flame. That’s why we call it home fragrance without a flame.

Wax Pottery is a terrific way to fragrance a room when burning candles is not allowed in places like hospitals, dorm rooms, strictly smoke free environments.

Designed with both natural and silk botanicals suitable to accent any home décor. Beautifully Gift packaged for easy gift giving and making a great presentation.

The fragrance will last for a whole year or more. They can be cleaned and refreshed by simply buffing with a soft cloth or nylon stocking.



Figs & Melon

Forest Fig

Cranberry Spice

Garden Vanilla


Lavendar Chamomile


Rose Garden


Sea Scape

Cinnamon Bark

Gardenia Water Lily

Mahogany Apple

Georgia Peach Blossom

Harvest Home

Mandarin Ginger

7" candle is $26.99




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